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Hi! I’m Lauren Blackledge, the founder of The Techy Boutique. As a self-taught entrepreneur with a degree in education and a master’s in technology integration, over 7 years experience of social selling through a growing social media platform, and knack for blending technology and creativity, I'm thrilled to welcome you to my digital hub.

As a wife, mother, and tech enthusiast in my upper 30s, I'm crafting a life that's uniquely mine, leveraging technology to serve others in diverse ways. My journey taught me that it's never too late to pursue your passions, and I'm here to inspire and share that mindset with you.

On The Techy Boutique's platform, my mission is to support small businesses in cultivating a cohesive social media presence and building their brand identity. I specialize in assisting small business owners in industries such as beauty, home renovation/insurance, and more who are navigating the complexities of establishing themselves online in a consistent and engaging manner.

Request My Services

I am excited to announce that The Techy Boutique is now accepting three new clients! Once filled, new client intake will temporarily close until current contracts expire. If you've been considering my services or know someone who might benefit, now's the time to connect.

At The Techy Boutique, I specialize in helping small businesses establish a strong social media presence and solidify their brand identity, particularly in industries like beauty, home/insurance, food services, and more.

The process begins with a personalized consultation to understand your content posting preferences and branding aesthetic. I then craft a customized plan tailored to your needs and execute it diligently throughout our engagement.

Your success is my priority. Let's work together to achieve your digital goals!

What's Included

  • Weekly content creation and scheduling
  • Customized captions and hashtags
  • Guidance on brand identity and messaging
  • Ensuring consistency across platforms
  • Tailored to your unique business needs

Portfolio & Analytics

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Social Media Mastery Course:

A Comprehensive Guide for Small Business Owners

With practical tips, real examples, and customizable templates at your fingertips, you'll emerge from this course equipped with the knowledge and skills to create, implement, and optimize a winning social media strategy tailored to your unique business goals and objectives. Whether you're a social media novice or seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your online presence to the next level, Social Media Mastery is your ultimate resource for success in the digital age.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Small business owners seeking to establish a cohesive and effective social media presence

  • Entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of social media to grow their brand and connect with their target audience

  • Beginners in industries such as beauty, home renovation, insurance, and beyond, who are navigating the complexities of digital marketing and social media management

  • Anyone looking to learn practical strategies, actionable insights, and best practices for managing their own social media presence and driving growth for their business
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Not a business owner, but wanting to start selling your creations online?

Since 2022, I have been researching, learning, implementing, and taking action with creating a stream of income from selling my own digital creations.

With all that research I have discovered that the process is not complicated at all, the downfall is the information is just spread randomly all over the Internet. I have created a guide that simplifies it all, and gives you the steps to start taking action immediately.

This guide is designed for even beginner techies to start earning from their own digital creativity.

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Lauren Blackledge

Social Media Content Specialist

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